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There are loads of reasons to volunteer on your next trip to Nicaragua. It’s the perfect way to give back to the country and help others who need help.

Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty in return.

For a start you’re likely to meet new people, many of whom you probably would not have met if you just stuck to the usual tourism activities and locations. You’ll also get a much more authentic experience of Nicaragua, and be more connected to local Nicaraguans. So if cultural immersion (and better Spanish) is something that is of interest, then volunteering should definitely be on your list.

There are plenty of organizations to volunteer with in Nicaragua. In fact the list is so long that it can be a little daunting. So here are a couple of good places to check out to guide you in the right direction.

1) Nicaragua Dispatch is worth a look. It’s the most popular English language newspaper in Nicaragua and has built a large audience. It’s the go-to place for visitors and expatriates who want to get in the know about the latest happenings in the country. For volunteering information, they have put together a blog post that serves as an open source directory of opportunities.

2) Also on your list should be the Peace Corps website for Nicaragua. The statistics are impressive. More than 2,200 volunteers have served in Nicaragua since 1968. Check out the great set of videos on the Nicaragua page to see what it means to do meaningful work in a community.

3) For opportunities in and around San Juan del Sur, the local lifestyle magazine, San Juan Live has put together a list of volunteering opportunities. They’ve already covered Communidad Connect and the Mobile Library, with more ideas to come.

4) Check out the volunteer page put together by the Moon Handbook. It provides a whole bung of information, and links out to many of the prominent organization that offer volunteering opportunities in the country. It covers Granada, Ometepe, San Juan del Sur and Matagalpa

5) Finally do a search on the GoAbroad website for Nicaragua options. They do a good job of keeping their database updated. It’s provides an insight into how varied volunteering work can be.

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