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Los Pipitos

Los Pipitos

Los Pipitos is an organization of parents with handicapped children which is a major voice in the country for the rights of disabled people. Los Pipitos coordinates with governmental and non-governmental institutions, the media and the population of Nicaragua to raise awareness of their responsibility for the integration of persons with disabilities into society.

Los Pipitos does not receive any government funds and relies solely on donations, and the selfless work of volunteers, many of whom are Nicaraguans who have very little income. In country volunteers are currently working to establish a child sponsorship program for the Los Pipitos campus in located in San Juan del Sur. Volunteers are always welcome to visit the children.

Concert at Los Pipitos

The Earthship Pitaya Music Festival hosted a live concert at Los Pipitos. Melvin stole the show!

Concert at Los Pipitos from Brooke Rundle on Vimeo.

Mission statement

We are the parents, family members, and friends of the children, adolescents, and young adults with physical and mental disabilities under the flag of Los Pipitos, We work together forming a group that is organized and united in order to educate families, national and international communities, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions of our cause. We promote the human rights of the disabled and define, legislate, and implement policies, programs, community strategies, and the services of special needs to provide our children with a better quality of life.


  • Infinite and unconditional love for our children and the continued search of happiness for them.
  • The confidence that all human beings have the potential to develop and are allowed to go beyond their natural barriers.
  • The use of democracy, integration and participation by our association without discriminating members because of political or religious views.
  • Willful Volunteerism without payment for work to national and local leader and people affiliated with our children.

Ongoing needs

  • Bus for Transportation of disabled students
  • Installation of Door
  • Chalk Board for Classroom, Desks and chairs

Ongoing Blog

Special Olympics


Over 700 disabled children and adults from across the nation gathered in Managua last February to compete in and celebrate the Special Olypmics. We are pleased to announce that Nelvin, a student in San Juan del Sur's Los Pipitos program, recorded a first place finish in the Javelin competition. His position high upon the podium was highlighted in the photo gallery of La Voz del Sandinismo. His heart of gold shines as bright as the medal around his neck. We are very proud of him.


Arts & Crafts at Los Pipitos



All around Nicaragua, locals are getting ready for the celebration of two National holidays, "El Dia de Mama" (Mother's Day) which is celebrated locally on May 30th and "El Dia de Los Ninos" (Children's Day) which is celebrated on June 1st. Festive pinata's and gift-giving is the norm during this season and therefore our students are capitalizing on the holidays by hand-making colorful pinatas and jewelry. For 60 Cordoba ($3 USD) you can get yourself a matching set of beaded necklace, bracelet and earring set. The pinatas and jewelry can be purchased either directly in the Los Pipitos school classroom or their Pulperia in downtown San Juan del Sur. All of the proceeds go directly to fund the continuation of the school. The students take pride in their artwork and it shows.


Pipitos Students


Melvin Busto Godinez

Melvin is 14 years old with a heart of gold. His passion for life often evidenced by his huge smile. He loves sports and took a bonze medal at Managua's special olympics in 2009. He also loves anything to do with music and is a very talented drummer. Just give him a set of bongo drums and he is sure to get the crowd on their feet. Be sure to check out the video of Melvin jamming on the blog page of this site.


Yelsin Fidel Pavon Fonseca

Yelsin (pictured on the left here with his good friend Oscar) is 13 years old and has a smile that is unfailingly contagious.  He loves to play the drums and dance like a rockstar. Although he has very limited physical mobility, he is determined to live as independently as possible and daily proves that there are not many activities within the classroom that he does not find a way to participate in.  Yelsin seems to become stronger and more alive each day.


Jairo Ramon Briones Marenco

Jairo is 42 years old and full of love. He loves to draw, paint, color or do anything artistic. He often helps take care of the other students in the classroom. Jairo is also a very hard worker and seems to have several "novias".



Gonsalo is 10 years old and a very gentle spirit. He is often shy at first encounter, however when he gets going he can capture the crowd. Above all else, Gonsalo likes to play soccer tirelessly.


Amanda Inez Liezar Mena

Amanda is 15 and full of curiosity.  She loves learning and is always interested to try new things. She enjoys art, music and dancing. She is also an absolute expert at making pinatas.


Roger Roberto Cantiyano

Roger is 18 and our newest student at Los Pipitos. He joined our class in the spring of 2009. Although limited in his speaking ability, he displays his rhythm and love for music by dancing. He is pictured here playing the drums on the bottom of a plastic trash can during a recent concert at the school. 


Silva Veronic Molina Martinez

Silva is 23 years old and is very passionate about painting and jewelry making. She expresses her creativity through her art. She is a constant positive peace maker in the classroom.


Sonia Noguim

Sonia is 39 years old and always has a smile on her face. Although not the most dominant personality in the classroom, she is always aware of her fellow classmates and often found quietly chuckling. Her favorite past time is painting and she makes all her own jewelry.  She is photographed here with a recent masterpiece. 

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